Tourism Companies

Tourism Companies

Many tourism companies are in search for alternative methods to get one step ahead of their rivals. As it is known, millions of people wanting to purchase their domestic and foreign travels from more affordable prices prefer these websites. Hundreds of companies invest in this developing sector, value of which increases day by day. As, we assist you in establishing suitable environments and give you the chance to get one step ahead of your customers.

Call back in 20 seconds system will be embedded in all pages of your website by our company and during the license period, customers visiting your website will be able to enter their phone numbers and thus, you will have the opportunity to contact them directly. It is an impressive system being the best call back system in European standards to date. Thanks to this application which has a high quality infrastructure, now you will be able to get in touch with your customers one-on-one and by means of a “corporate infrastructure”, you will be able to give information about your products on sale.

Do your special offers fall short no matter what you do?

Do the visitors of your website leave without contacting you no matter how many special offers you present? In this case, you either fail to provide required corporate identity or fail to provide detailed information regarding your packages in tourism. Advantages of call back in 20 seconds system are listed below.

• It is number 1 in establishing a corporate and credible infrastructure.
• Thanks to one-on-one communication, you will increase your sales as intended in no time.
• As the application runs 24/7, it is very simple to get in touch with all the visitors of your website.
• Thanks to weekly reporting, you will be able to receive detailed information regarding missed calls.
• It can be managed not only from personal computer but also from all iOS and Android based devices.
• It helps you bring forth your marketing technique.
• Thanks to light application, it does not slow your website’s infrastructure.

As a manufacturer from Turkey, we present you the most popular application of Europe and provide you with the opportunity to buy its license from most reasonable prices. You will increase your customer potential and be totally pleased with the numbers.