Sports & Beauty Centers

Sports & Beauty Centers

Today, sports and beauty center sector, which addresses to both ladies and gentleman and which develops day by day, makes thousands of companies compete. Then, how can you make your company stand out in the field of “Sports & Beauty Centers”? Do you have trouble in promoting your services to your customers no matter what you do?

In order to overcome all these problems,, which works for providing you with “corporate appearance”, presents you call back in 20 seconds system. By this means, any visitor of your website can enter his/her phone number into this visible system and you will have the chance to communicate directly with your customers through the notifications you receive. You can promote your existing services better with one-on-one interviewing and be one step ahead of your rivals. Considered as the best designed software in European standards to date, call back in 20 seconds system always works for “customer satisfaction” and helps you establish a high quality infrastructure. Other advantages of the system are that;

• By means of weekly reporting system, you will be able to see all missed calls in detail.
• It is the common preference of thousands of websites in Turkey.
• It can be managed not only from personal computers but also from all iOS and Android based devices,
• It will help you achieve a much more corporate identity. This way, visitors of your website will be met by a “credible and corporate” infrastructure.
• Make the value of your brand stand out with regard to your rivals. Strengthen product marketing with one-on-one communication.

Most preferred application of Europe

Being unquestionably the most preferred application in Europe, call back in 20 seconds system improves every day in order to provide you with the most favorable environment. At this point, sports and beauty centers prefer this infrastructure in their websites in order to make a difference all the time and to stand out with regard to other companies. You can learn details of this application, which is presented to you as a light file and thus which will not slow your website, from customer services.