Car Showrooms

Car Showrooms

Number of vehicles in Turkey increase every day. At this point, many entrepreneurs with cash capital lean towards opening car showrooms. Then, what are the factors which will make you stand out of thousands of car showrooms?

With its call back in 20 seconds system, is leading its field with regard to establishing a corporate infrastructure. As the most preferred application in the field, we prepare an environment suitable for you to present your products and help you promote your products extensively. Especially, as a showroom, if you are failing to achieve intended numbers with regard to selling or renting your vehicles online, this shows your drawbacks in credibility and corporate appearance. By means of call back in 20 seconds system which will establish a corporate environment for your visitors, you will be able to promote your sale or rental services.

In order to make use of most favorable environment, you can contact representatives and acquire these systems from most reasonable prices.

How dos call back in 20 seconds system work?

Visitors of your website will be able to enter their phone number by means of forms embedded in all pages of your website and thanks to the software, a notification will be provided to you. Moreover, system also allows you to make automatic calls. Apart from that;

• It is the common preference for establishing a corporate infrastructure,
• As it is a light application, it does not slow your website down.
• It can be managed not only from personal computer but also from all iOS and Android based devices.
• Thanks to weekly reporting system, documents regarding all missed calls will be delivered.
• You will enjoy managing simple and useful admin panel.
• Amount of sales achieved in a very short time will satisfy you notably.

call back in 20 seconds system, which has become a pioneer in terms of quality standards is preferred by more and more people every day. We help you increase the value of your brand and provide you the opportunity to purchase these systems from reasonable prices.