E-commerce companies

E-commerce companies

Do you have an infrastructure which sells products online? Hundreds or event thousands of people visit your website every day but you still fail to achieve intended sale numbers? Then, we present you an application which will bring you forth and make your website stand out of thousands of e-commerce websites.  website integrates call back in 20 seconds system to your e-commerce website and allows you to get in touch with customers regarding products on sale.

Call back system is actively preferred over all pages of your website. In this regard, it brings forth e-commerce websites in a trouble-free way and thus you will be able to promote product sales with one-on-one communication. The sale numbers you will acquire in no time will satisfy you notably and you will directly have the highest quality application of European standards. Other advantages of call back in 20 seconds system are as follows;

• It will provide you with detailed weekly reports on missed calls.
• It is the best designed application in both Turkey and Europe to date.
• Upon integration of the system to all pages of your website, a “customer oriented” work environment will be established.
• Amount of sales achieved in a very short time will satisfy you notably.
• It is very impressive in terms of establishing a corporate and credible infrastructure.

Make your e-commerce website more corporate

If you have failed to achieve intended sale numbers no matter what you did, this may be caused by your failure to establish a corporate identity or to establish a trustworthy environment. geriara.com establishes a communication environment between the customer and the seller in order to overcome these types of problems and assists you in managing through the system easily. The application works on not only computers but also many other devices.

– It can be installed easily on all Android and iOS based devices.
– Thanks to its simple and useful admin panel, you can reduce system management to a few clicks.

Presenting you the highest selling infrastructure of this field with most reasonable prices, geriara.com always works for customer satisfaction and provides you with a credible system for keeping you one step ahead of other e-commerce websites.