Cloud hosting companies

Cloud hosting companies

Today, many companies in Turkey purchase hosting services in order to conduct their sales online. Number of companies selling as domain names, dedicated servers, VPS and reseller services in addition to hosting services is on the rise. Would you like to try an application which will bring your company one step ahead of thousands of other companies? As the most preferred system in its field, website has no limits with regard to its services. Now, you will be able to establish a communication environment with your customers in 20 seconds and have the chance to promote your products better.

As it is known, trust and corporate infrastructure are essential for all sectors. At this point,, working for bringing you one step ahead, provides you with the most preferred infrastructure of its field with favorable prices. It is impressive not only due to credibility and corporate infrastructure but also due to many other advantages;

• It will provide you with detailed weekly reports on missed calls.
• Thanks to this application which works 24/7, contacting with visitors of your website becomes very simple.
• It can be managed not only from personal computer but also from all iOS and Android based devices.
• İt is the best call back system produced in European standards to date.
• It has a very simple and useful admin panel.
• Form is visible on all pages of your website and thus, your customers will be able to enter their numbers easiliy.
• As it is a light application, it does not slow your website down.

Chance to double your sales in a very short time.

Communicating with your customers one-on-one always results in increased sales., which allows you to display your marketing strategy at this point, assists you in promoting and marketing all your products in detail. You can contact customer representatives for obtaining these applications which appeal to more and more people every day. As the most preferred application of its field, it brings favorable opportunities one click away from you and provides you opportunities to place your brand one step ahead of your rivals. You can get this software with reasonable prices.